Bedford Park Festival
Bedford Park Festival

7-23 June 2019

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Turnham Green Terrace Treasure Hunt

Sunday 26 May 2019 to Friday 7 June 2019

Turnham Green Terrace

We put 16 pictures of Musicals in the windows of Turnham Green Terrace shops for children to find. If they found all 16 and said which musical is their favourite and why, they could win a prize from Disney! Thanks to Trotters and all the shops who kindly took part. And congratulations to the winners, who have been notified:

Charlie Ryder
Noah Ryder
Evaleen Newlands
Sienna Hall
Aniik Besseling 
James Moody
Oliver Hall
Sophie de Vise Craig
Juliette Hawes
Flynn & Lyra Sanders
Fleur Newlands
Annabel Moody
Theo Hawes

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