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Electric Vehicle Zone

For more than 15 years, under the slogan Make Every Day a Green Day, we have encouraged people to protect the environment and recycle all the waste on the Green. We have also promoted cycling through our Family Cycle Zone.

For several years, with the backing of local councils and car companies, we have also run an Electric Vehicle (EV) Zone, encouraging people to explore the benefits of electric vehicles and find out more about them. We were ahead of the game and last year our EV Zone was larger than ever.

The manufacturers and services

In 2024, representatives and vehicles including MG, Kia, and BMW will be on display at the Electric Vehicle Zone on Green Days weekend. Watch here and on social media for more details.

Berry Chiswick BMW
Welcome to Berry Chiswick BMW
Discover the future of mobility with BMW i, which offers models with all-electric engines and plug-in hybrids. BMW: Driving Sustainability

Chiswick MG
Welcome to Chiswick MG. Discover the environmentally friendly benefits of electric and hybrid cars. From improved driving efficiency and zero emissions to spacious interiors and competitive performance, the MG range offers a practical and eco-conscious choice for the modern driver looking for more than just a car. The MG range currently includes: MG HS Plug-in hybrid, MG HS, MG ZS EV, MG ZS, MG3 Hybrid+, MG3, MG4 EV, MG4 EV XPOWER, MG5 EV - all backed up by MG’s 7-year warranty. Book a test drive or visit us at Chiswick MG today.

The Eco range at GWR Kia Making the move away from petrol and diesel power to electric enables you to play an integral role in limiting harmful CO2 emissions, and Kia has a selection to help you switch today.

Visit us at Berry Chiswick

Visit us at Berry Chiswick

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