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The Next 50 Years

It’s 50 years since the first Bedford Park Festival in 1967 and lots has changed since then. We asked children to think life will change in the NEXT 50 years. Lots of them used their imagination to take part in these competitions. The Festival was opened by Maggie Philbin OBE, former presenter of the BBC’s Tomorrow’s World and founder of TeenTech, who judged the Children’s Fancy Dress Competition.

Children’s Fancy Dress Parade – Saturday June 10th  2017. Sponsored by Trotters
Theme: ‘The Next 50 Years’ - robots, space travel, technology, fashion…? 

The winners:
Age 7 to 11
1. Theo Hawes, aged 7 - An X-O Skeleton Space Shuttle
2= Sophia Morris, aged 7 - Hydro Rocket Scooter
2 = Wilfred Morris, aged 11 - First family on the moon.

Age 4 to 6
1. James Moody, aged 4 - Spaceman
2= Vinnie Johnson - What he will look like in 50 years time (his Dad!)
2= Juliette Hawes, aged 5 - Blue and Green Alien

Age 0 to 3
1= Bee Hodgkinson, age 2 - Pink Batgirl
1= Imogen Noyens, aged 1 - Alien Princess
1= Margot Crawley, aged 3 - Elsa from Frozen 

Art Competition – ‘What will Chiswick will look like in the next 50 years?’ Sponsored and judged by Killik & Co
Pictures drawn in the Children’s Corner on Green Days on Saturday June 10th 2017. 
The winners: 
Age 6 and over - Lucy - picture above
runners up - Tilly and Elsa
Age 5 - Stella Lebens
Age 4 and under - winner Louise

Turnham Green Terrace Treasure Hunt – June 2nd to June 9th  2017. Sponsored by AugmentifyIt
Who spotted all the futuristic pictures in the windows of Turnham Green Terrace? These 10 winners of Disney goodybags are being notified:

Valentin, age 6 – Belmont 
Helen Moran, age 4 – Sinclair House 
Floren Noyans, age 4 – Fox Primary School 
Luciana Reyes-Clynes, age 8 – William Hogarth 
Zoe Wallace, age 9 – Latymer Prep 
Bea Bradley, age 7 – Orchard House 
Joint – Fleur Newlands (age 6) & E Newlands (age 3) – Ark Priory
Joint – James Meyer (age 6) & Sebastian Meyer (age 3) – Ark Priory 
Joint – Wilfred Morris (age 11) & Sophia Morris (age 7) – Belmont 
Joint – Annabel Moody (age 7) & James Moody (age 4) – St Peters/Tara House 

Electric Vehicle Zone

As we look ahead to The Next 50 Years, we introduced an Electric Vehicle Zone on Green Days weekend.  With the backing of local councils and car companies like Blue City, we hope the EV Zone will encourage people to explore the benefits of electric vehicles and find out more about them.